Samantha Witwicky, AT-5 Interlude 1

“What have you found?” Will asked the moment he entered the room.

“Not much Sir.” the woman he had set in charge of digging up information about the guys that had accompanied Sam, answered.

Will sighted. He had kind off expected that answer, they did after all work with Sam and in the years she had been gone nobody had found anything on her. “Give me what you’ve got then.”

“Yes Sir. Lt. Joshua McCoy are one of the best soldiers the British SAS have ever had the pleasure of enlisting. Very intelligent, great marksmanship. He completed every mission they sent him on. His COs and fellow soldiers have only good things to say about him. About half a year after Captain Witwicky disappeared he too vanished. I have not been able to find any trace of him after that. He is an only child; both parents died when he was a child, and he grew up inside the system. Joined the military the first chance he got.

Captain Daniel Duhamel is also a perfect soldier. He joined the Army shortly after finishing school. His mother was from France, so he and his twin sister grew up bilingual. He flew up the ranks quickly. There is a lot blacked out in his file, so my guess is that he is Special Ops. Approximately a year before the incident in Egypt he disappeared without a trace.” The woman paused before continuing on to the last man.

“Dr. Charles Eppes. He is a genius. Graduated high school at the same time as his older brother. Doctor in applied mathematics from Princeton, and a consultant for a bunch of people and agencies; NSA, NASA, the army and CDC to name a few. He was a Professor at Cal-Sci for a while and helped his brother solve various FBI cases, but suddenly he just packed up and left. This happened at the same time we lost Captain Witwicky. His father and brother still live in LA. His brother is one of the best agents the FBI has. His mother died a few years before he went off the grid.”

The Sergeant looked up from the papers she had been reading from. “They are like ghosts Sir. It’s almost scary how easily they disappeared. The only time I found anything on any of them was when Captain Duhamel’s name showed up on a flight manifest on his way to his mother’s funeral. Then nothing.”

“Neither the Captain nor the Doctor ever visit their family?” Will asked surprised.

“No Sir. The Captain’s family got divorced when he was a child. It seems to have been an ugly affaire, and he stayed with his mother while his sister went with their father. From what I have managed to puzzle together, it seems like it is partly the brother’s fault that the Doctor left. It does not seem like they had a great relationship before their mother’s death, but it almost looked like they had managed to mend it. I cannot say exactly what happened, but my guess is that the Fed said or did something he should not have; pushed his genius kid brother away or something, and the Doctor took it to heart and left. I can’t say for certain, but I find it highly unlikely that he has been home since. There is no mention of it and in all the pictures I have come across of the older brother since then, there has always been this look in his eyes; a look that makes it seem like there is something missing.”

“And nothing more on Sam – Captain Witwicky – now that we know she joined the Air Force?” Will inquired. He was a bit disappointed that they had not found anything else on the others. He had hoped that someone would have messed up somewhere and given them a lead to where Sam had been the past years.

“Sorry Sir. I didn’t even find a mention of when she was promoted in their records. She is only listed as Captain Witwicky.” The Sergeant apologized.

“It’s okay Sergeant.” Will sighted and the woman left his office silently. What had Sam been doing these last few years? Where? What could be so damn classified that it was not even documented when someone was promoted? This was the military for Christ sake. Everything was written up in triplicate. Everything. And there were one question that refused to leave his mind; was Sam romantically engaged with anyone? One of her team or maybe someone back on her base? She had seemed rather cozy with the Doctor, but Will had not gotten any romantic wibes from them.

Will sighted aloud. He should just forget it and bury his feelings to the best of his capabilities. Because if the way she had treated him so far was anything to go by, she did not want anything to do with him. It would be both hell and heaven for him for as long as she stayed with them. She would be on base, somewhere he could keep her safe. However, when he saw her he had found out that his feelings for her had only grown over the years, and she had become even prettier if that was possible. And he knew he would never get the chance act on his feelings. She hated him, or worse, was indifferent, and he was now her commanding officer. Hell indeed. He only hoped that he would get a chance to become her friend again. At the moment he would take everything he could.

AT-5 * AT-5 * AT-5

“Have you seen the new guys yet?” one of the soldiers in the room asked.

“Kind of hard not to the way they dress, and when they have the bots shadowing them the way they do. Not to mention their dogs.” a second soldier snorted.

“Yeah, they do look kind of emo dressed in all black. But I’ll admit it makes the chick look hot.” That comment made most of the men present snicker.

“If I were you, I would be careful who I said that to. She is not only a captain, but she is the Sam Witwicky to boot.” the first soldier warned.

“Who?” one of the new men asked.

“I am sure you have heard all about our first and second encounter with Megatron, right?” Soldier #1 waited for the confirming nod from the newbies, before continuing. “Samantha Witwicky was the first human that encountered the Autobots. She was the one that killed Megatron with the AllSpark in Mission City. And then two years later she earned the Matrix of Leadership and resurrected Optimus Prime.” The storyteller, which had been there during the battle in Egypt, told them a bit more about what had happened there and what Sam had done.

“Wow. What happened after that?” The newbies all wanted to know what came next.

“We don’t know. I think the plan was that she should stay here on Diego Garcia under NEST protection, but something happened. When we arrived here, a Colonel and a bunch of Marines were waiting and they took Witwicky with them. She told the Major that he had forgotten to tell her which base she needed to stay on. He and all the autobots have tried to find her since that day, but with no success. That is, until now. Our prodigal daughter has returned.” Soldier #2 sheered dramatically.

“Yeah, she has returned alright. Did you see the happy faces the Major and Top made? Or the Autobots’ reaction?” Soldier #3 asked.

“They’ve missed her. They first met before the incident in Mission City. And I think the Autobots think of her as one of their own. But I wished I could have seen the new guys faces when they saw the Bots for the first time.” Soldier #2 said wishfully.

“I was there.” Soldier #4 had not said anything yet, instead he had listened to his comrades. “I was there and they hardly reacted. Not even the mathematician when Bumblebee and Ratchet ran towards them and grabbed the Captain.” The other soldiers in the room looked at him doubtfully. “I swear. I am telling you the truth. They looked a bit weary and alert, but didn’t even take a small step back.”

“I heard that they are her team. But how does an Air Force Captain get teamed up with a British SAS Lieutenant, an Army Ranger Captain and a civilian mathematician?” Soldier #3 asked after a thoughtful pause.

“I have no idea. And have you heard how they address her? They call her Boss. I could have understood it if it was only the civilian that did it, but the Scot and the Ranger do it too.” Soldier #2 put in his two cents.

“It looks for me like they have no discipline.” Soldier #1 stated. “The only times I’ve seen the slightest hint of it is when Witwicky is interacting with either Major Lennox or Optimus Prime. Then she is all business.” The gang all agreed to that.

“But how did they get here?” The same newbie that had asked who Sam Witwicky was voiced the new question. “There were no planes or boats arriving that day, so how did they get here?”

Epps decided that it was best he intervened before any more questions were asked. They were good questions and observations; things he had been wondering about himself, and probably things Will would be wondering about when he started thinking rationally again.

“The question that is bothering me the most,” he started as he quietly made his way inside the room. “Is when did the soldiers under this command become gossiping little girls?” The soldiers were all looking at him with guilt in their eyes.

“Sorry Top. It won’t happen again.” Soldier #4, the soldier with highest rank, answered.

“It better not. I am expecting better from you. You should just be happy that the Autobots are happy, ’cause I do not want to be around when they aren’t.” Epps grinned, taking the edge of the reprimand.

“Yes Sir!” the men said in union with grins plastered on their faces.

“And I better not hear anything bad about the Air Force from any of you. I am proud that Sam chose the Air Force.” Epps looked at them mock stern and the grins on the men’s faces grew bigger.

“Of course not Top. The Air Force rocks.” was the reply he got.

“And you better remember that.” Epps warned before turning around and leaving the group of NEST soldiers to themselves again.



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