Sam stared at the people and mechs in front of her disbelieving. They couldn’t be serious!

“Let me see if I’ve gotten this straight. You want me to flush my life down the drain. Sever all contact with my friends and family, leave everything I know behind. Forget about going to school so that I can do anything useful later in my life, instead I’ll be moving into a military base full time?” she inquired as she took in their reactions.

Her parents, Mikaela, her best friend, and Leo, her ex-roommate as it seemed, all looked shocked and scandalized over the news. It showed that Master Sergeant Robert ‘Bobby’ Epps, Ratchet and Bumblebee didn’t like it, and they had probably tried to reason with their superiors. But the real shock came from Will, no, Major Lennox and Optimus Prime. They looked happy and relieved, and that almost felt like a bigger betrayal than the fact that they had decided this behind her back.

Her face morphed into the mask she had hoped to let rest for a few more years, the mask she had perfected a long time ago, the mask every career soldier knew; the blank slate that revealed no emotions. She gave them a sharp nod before turning and disappearing into the mazes of corridors on the hangar carrier, quickly loosing her fellow humans that had tried to follow her.

She had spent a lot of time on different naval ships, hell she had been stationed on this particular carrier before, so she knew where she was going and quickly made her way to her quarters. But she didn’t stay there for long; she only stayed long enough to drop off all of her electronic equipments, then she headed out again. Into the belly of the beast where no one would find her.

Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson

Last time she was here she had been lucky enough to befriend the resident pranksters and they had let her in on the location of their secret hideout, where they went when things started to get a bit too hot around their ears and that was where she was headed now. You needed to know exactly what went to go through and then you had to dodge around pipes and slide between walls to get there. There were no way in hell anyone would find her there. And that suited her perfectly. She needed to think over her options without anyone coming and telling her how sorry they were or why staying on the NEST base was the best choice.

As far as she could see she had three choices. One, fight with everything in her power and live a ‘normal’ life for a few years. Gambling with all her loved ones lives at the same time. Two, do as Prime and Lennox wants and go to Diego Garcia. Or three, erase her plans for further education and jumping right into the program again.

For hours she switched between pacing and sitting still in a corner of the little room, and by the time her stomach began to protest about not being fed she had come up with a plan.

There was no way in hell she could risk anyone’s life so that she could get a few more ‘normal’ years. Not when she didn’t need it. She still remembered everything she had learned in her first life and that should count as something. And even in the circumstance that it didn’t there were always on-line classes she could take. She locked door number one up pretty quickly without needing to think it over more.

NEST was hiding behind door number two and she probably would have done as they wanted if they had come to her first and discussed it with her, at least for a few years. But they hadn’t and that made her a bit leery of them. She had trusted them and thought about them as her friends, but if they did this what else could they end up doing?

And she was pretty sure she would go insane with boredom. She missed the action and thrill she got from going on missions trough the Stargate on a weekly basis. She was pretty close to her limit already even with participating in two battles and having ‘normal’ life and school to deal with. At the base she wouldn’t even have that and she was pretty sure they wouldn’t let her take part in any of the action. Not when everyone saw a 19 year old young woman instead of a battle-hardened special op Captain. And it was not like she could come out and tell them that she actually was the clone of an Air Force Colonel and she had her memories up to the time she was a Captain. Everyone that heard her say that would laugh their ass of and call the nice people in the white coats, and she would probably disappear faster than she could say wormhole travel. Nope, door number two was closed as well.

That left door number three. Atlantis or the SGC. Personally she thought she would prefer Atlantis. Colonel Sheppard sounded like a great CO and the city… A sentient city! And she had been exploring this Galaxy before she had that encounter with Loki, but she had never been in Pegasus. A new galaxy, with new enemies and new worlds. She could hardly wait. The bonus was that she had the third strongest ATA-gene and it was pretty likely that she would be stationed on Atlantis.

She would call her ‘original’ Lt. Colonel Samantha ‘Sammy’ Grey and make her put the wheels in motion. Hopefully everything would be fixed by the time they reached shore at Diego Garcia. In the meantime she would need to speak to Judy and Ron Witwicky, the lovely people that had posed as her parents these years since she had woken up as a teenager, and Mikaela. She couldn’t just disappear without letting them know she would be fine.

A loud growl from her stomach let her know that all that would need to wait to after she had stopped by the mess hall. Chuckling slightly she started on the obstacle course that led out to the rest of the world.


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